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 Wais-Iii Psychological Assessment Report Essay


PSY 566 Person Intellectual Assessments

California Condition University

Carolyn Longhorn, A. S., M. S.

Oct 13, 2010

Name: John Doe

Address: Currently residing in Oregon, California

Era: 34

Birth Date: August doze, 1976

Sexual: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Significant other Status: Committed

Right/Left Handed: Right

Date of Evaluation: October 13, 2010


Reason behind Referral:

David is a thirty-four year old, Black male going to University of California, Oregon School of Law. Steve is self-referred for a great assessment of his intellectual abilities when he has been going through a weak grade point average seeing that his entry into the system. His suffering grade point average has caused him to think much less intelligent, great pressure, and led him to question his future career prospects. This individual complains of any lack in memory potential which he describes since " scattered” in which this individual consistently does not remember important specifics such as his class routine.

Current Lifestyle Stressors:

Ruben is encountering multiple your life stressors for which he expresses concern. Being a current scholar at School of California, Los Angeles College of Regulation, John complains of tension attributed to fear of academic probation due to his current marks. Finances can be a major source of stress along with his student loan debt continues to accrue with no other kind of income. He can unsure of his job choice, upcoming prospects, and past decisions in choosing to attend Regulation School. , the burkha source of tension for David is in regards to his current relationship. He and his wife have been completely informally separated for almost three years due to conditions with led her to maneuver to Detroit, Washington for two years while he resided in La, and finally with her relocation to Afghanistan the past eight a few months. His wife has expressed a prefer to stay in Afghanistan permanently.


Family History:

Ruben was born and raised in Southern California. He is the eldest of 4 children and has two brothers and one sis. His parents divorced at the age of 17, though his daddy is now remarried. John's mom is a fifty-seven year old realtor in Santa Barbara, A bunch of states. Her greatest level of education is definitely her high school degree. Steve states that she has simply no learning complications and is highly intelligent. John's father is a sixty yr old contractor in Irvine, California with a Law degree from University of California, Oregon. John details his daddy as intelligent, though quite a bit less intelligent while his mother despite differences in educational position. John's dad was remarried approximately ten years ago and continues in the marriage as of yet. John's sis was happily married six years ago which is now a stay-at-home mom of two. He is close with his sis and studies speaking with her regularly. John describes his second most youthful brother as highly smart, although disorganized describing a great incident by which he made a small fortune off of an enterprise he marketed shortly just before squandering apart all of his money. This individual describes his youngest brother as short of motivation with little concern for the future. Steve states that he under no circumstances took issue with the divorce of his parents when he had constantly felt that a divorce could be beneficial to everyone in the relatives due to the constant fighting.

Educational History:

In 2005 Steve received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated using a 4. zero grade point average. That's exactly what attended the University of Washington in which he received his Master of Science in Psychology and graduated which has a grade point average of three. 67. At present, John can be described as second year law student at the University or college of California, Los Angeles Institution of Legislation in which he holds a grade point average of 2. 9.

Work-related History:

David reports his student position as being the principal occupation he has held in the last 8 to nine years with the exception...