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Good evening, everyone. Now i'm (Aaesha, and my Colleagues are zainab and sara). This afternoon we'll be discussing with you regarding one of important matters in our lifestyle, which is (traditional clothes). Therefore , we'll begin by examining can certainly clothes and then we'll continue to talk about gents clothing. Please keep all of your questions until the end from the presentation. Girls:

First of all, I am going to tell you about the traditional Emirati garments for a girls. One of the well-known clothes amongst females is definitely Al Mokhwara, its is among the most common classic cloth seeing that a long time ago. 's Mokhwara is actually a long item of cloth which may have different patterns, colors, and embroidery. In older days, Women have on al Mokhwara in special occasions, wedding, as well as normal days. Nowadays, 's Mokhwara don't have lost it charm, it is actually one of the elegant clothes ladies wear. Moving forward to another traditional cloth. It is just a piece of material, mostly dark. Women put it to use to cover their head. And since the material may also be very light, they use that to cover their particular face. Such material is called Al Shela. Because previously mentioned, women sometimes use Al Shela to cover their particular face, although there is another way to cover their very own faces which is Al Borqa. Alborqa addresses the face anticipate a slit for the eyes, it really is most common amongst older women. Even though approach Borqa can be specific pertaining to UAE only, its certainly not mandatory. So why do elderly women use Alborqa? This brings esteem for more mature women. Monitoring your focus on another traditional cloth which is Al Abaya. It is a lengthy flowing dark-colored gown that covers your body. The main reason for wearing 's Abaya is good for modesty. Emirate women might wear any piece of clothing but need to wear Abaya above it. Generally 's Abaya offers women tasteful, differentiation, and modesty. To recap, the materials that happen to be alMokhwara, alShela, alBorqa, and alAbaya will be the common traditional clothes for girls in UAE. Furthermore, classic UAE garments for women displays...