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Sanyukt Saxena MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION – M& S Section – A ( 23 )

* a newspaper living the Indian times

The Times of India is among the widest circulated newspapers of India which has been serving area since 1838. The Times of India belongs to the Times Group, which is headed by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. is the greatest media solutions conglomerate in India. The Times of India newspaper is headed by Vineet and Samir Jain. The Times Of India also referred to as TOI is usually one of India's leading English language daily papers. TOI group has 45 dailies and periodicals in 3 different languages and 108 editions from 11 organisations across the country and a put together readership of over 75 lakhs. HISTORY

The paper was founded on November several, 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce throughout the British Raj. It was founded by Raobahadur Narayan Dinanath Velkar. The Bombay Occasions and Log of Trade was launched being a bi-weekly copy, was published every Thursday and Saturday. With elevating popularity, in the year 1850, " The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce” was turned into a regular newspaper in the earlier occasional. In 1859, Robert Dark night merged " The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce” with two very popular newspapers – " Bombay Standard” and " Share of European India” and founded " Bombay Moments and Standard”. In 1861, Knight merged " Bombay Times and Standard” with " Bombay Telegraph & Courier” and renamed that to what the publication is referred to as even today – " The changing times of India”. The " The Times of India” was circulated in India and Europe through the beginning of 20th century that employed as many as 800 odd people.

Presently, the magazine reaches out in India via:

* 10 publishing centers

2. 15printing centers

2. 55 sales offices

* More than 7000 personnel

2. Approximately four. 3 mil copies circulated daily

* two lead magazines

5. Reaching 2468 cities and towns

* two Television News Channel

* 1 Television Lifestyle Channel

* Turnover in excess of UNITED STATES DOLLAR 700 , 000, 000

The headquarter of TOI is located in Mumbai. According to the study TOI is considered the most widely browse English Newspapers in India with a audience of seventy six. 43 lakhs. According to Audit Bureau of Parti, it has the greatest circulation among all English-language magazines in the world, throughout all types (broadsheet, tabloid, compact, Berliner and online). In 2008, the paper reported that (with a circulation of over three or more. 14 million) it was certified by the Review Bureau of Circulations (India) as the world's greatest selling English-language daily, rating it because the 3rd major selling magazine in any dialect in the world. and World Association of Newspapers and Reports Publishers.

Quest of " TIMES OF INDIA”:

" The days of India Group is a aggregator of content in different form in the infotainment Industry. We gather & offer content to proper target audience ”.

The Mantra that the brands features " YOU ARE ENERGIZED ”.

The quest and rule of the newspaper daily evidently defines its vision and goals. The newspaper features seen the nation grow via a poor and covered up country to a strong and mighty economic system of the world, whilst witnessing and communicating every single development.

Inside the 19th 100 years, the company employed over 800 people and had a good flow in India and Europe. The Times of India was originally British-owned and handled. Ivor T. Jehu was its last British publisher, who still left the editorship in 1950. After India's Independence in 1947, the ownership from the paper was passed on towards the industrial group of Dalmiyas and later it was above by Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain of the Sahu Jain group from Bijnore of Uttar Pradesh.