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 There Is No Unmarked Woman Essay

James Garey Jr

AP English III

" You cannot find any Unmarked Woman” By: Deborah Tannen Dissertation Analysis Who are you? Are you a unique person? Does your appearance really reveal you? Deborah Tannen's " There Is No Unmarked Woman” illustrates how regular it is with this society for girls to be superficially judged and " marked” on the basis of presence. This is as opposed to men, who also are given the social choice to remain incomparably " unmarked” by attire. Tannen uses two specific term during her whole essay, marked and unmarked. Tannen evaluates our society's peculiarity of judging girls based on their appearance but not judging men based upon the same instances throughout her essay. Tannen points out, every thing a woman put on and her appearance " marks” her about whilst in contrast, guys, can remain " unmarked” by choosing the conventional regulation of costume and appearance. The appearances of these individuals are shown through the use of strengthen, diction, images, characterization and allusion. Tannen's use of all of these rhetorical gadgets provides the visitor with a visual of the seminar. Tannen uses an meaning of her being at an appointment consisting of four women (including her) and eight guys. Tannen's utilization of imagery and characterization when the describing the individuals provided the reader a clear, descriptive photo of each with the individuals physical appearance. " There is not any Unmarked Woman” mainly centered on the additional three females at the meeting despite the fact that there was clearly double the number of men presently there. Tannen vividly described the three woman into the last detail. From the approach their garments fitted their particular body to the last crinkle in their locks. She exemplified on the uniqueness of each female and how every one of them is " marked” based upon their appearance. Each woman at the conference a new different style of dress, locks, make up and jewelry. Tannen stated that these differentiated styles cannot be " standard” and these exceptional appearances " mark” the ladies. Tannen...