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The Shining Hill is about a girl referred to as Pangma-La and her daddy who is a famous mountain-climber. Because he is famous he desires quite a lot from his girl. In school Pangma-La is singled out because of her extraordinary term but her father explains to her to be proud of being named after a shining hill. Pangma-La and her father decide to ascend the perfect mountain thus Pangma-La starts her training. After schooling the skills she needs for a long period Pangma-La and her father sets out pertaining to the perfect mountain. Within the plane Pangma-La has a nightmare. She is a white swan flying atop of the mountains but the girl cannot arrive at them therefore her wings lock up and she fails. On the way to the mountain they will pass a village exactly where some guys offers to hold their baggage, for a cost of course. Pangma-La's father explains to them they don't need help. The men get angry and tell them the fact that mountain empress will send wind and avalanches their way. When they finally reach the mountain and start climbing that, an old woman appears and offers to carry Pangma-La backpack nevertheless she denies because your woman does not need to dissatisfy her dad. The next day this woman provides Pangma-La help again the girl accepts so they move Pangma-La's weighty equipment in her backpack for swan down. The very next day she changes her clothing for swan down as well as the day next she switches her hefty heart to get swan down aswell. At sunset Pangma-La is gone and so Pangma-La dad is afraid. The old Sherpa women shows up and explains to the worried father that Pangma-La has turned into a swan. Then a mountain goddess appears and tells the father that your woman had simply given him what he had wished to receive Pangma-La to conquer that mountain the lady was named after. Pangma-La's dad starts to cry and feel dissapointed about all the things he previously put his daughter through. When the hill goddess sees that, the lady turns Pangma-La back into a human again. Pangma-La's father has learned his lesson and can never again be...