User Accounts: Registration and Login

To obtain the access to particular services provided by Our Website, the client must produce a user account within Our Site. The client should provide personal advice that is extraordinarily correct and comparative. The client also agrees to upgrade the personal information that is supplied in the event of significant changes of the information, for example surname or name changes, changes of address, changes of the marital status or the legal status, etc. Our Website ensures that all personal data collected through Our Website would be under its protection. The client keeps the right to change all the info that is supplied until it would be correct and total. Privacy Policy regulates all manners where the client’s private data collected by Our Site might be utilized. If the customer needs some specific clarifications about the rules provided via this Terms and Conditions agreement, she or he should request the help of our Customer Support group.

Intellectual Property

Our Website contains proprietary information that belongs to Our Website. The client must not use this information except in the cases defined in Seclusion Policy and below the rules established by these Stipulations. All content which can be purchased by the customer, using Our Website are created just for the customer’s interests. The client may use all materials obtained through our writing service in all manners that do not conflict with these Terms and Conditions. These materials should not be used by the customer in the way that will be harmful or illegal. The client will not obtain any rights to use its property, like a trademark, copyrighted materials which are offered at Our Site as the cases of our writers’ work, etc., when using Our Website The customer agrees that all interactions between the customer and Our Site are strictly private and that no third party can receive the accessibility to the information about these interactions by accepting these Stipulations. Moreover, both participants of this understanding: the client as well as Our Website agree not to use any contents or private information obtained through Our Site, for purposes that are not set by Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions about Cancellation of an Order

Our Website specify the order cancellation policy, which enable our customers whenever they want to, to cancel their order and consequently provides an extensive specter of various writing services. The customer can cancel his or her requests by formulating a particular request for cancellation. When payment procedure is eschewed by the client in accordance with these Stipulations, the cancellation of the client’s order will probably be activated automatically in the instance. If the functioning procedure has been already began, in contrast, the order is canceled by the customer cannot. In this instance, the customer will not receive compensation. In case the client has some particular requirements or actions under some specific conditions, she or he must contact the Customer Service group in order to clarify the challenging situation.