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 Pollution and Its Effects Essay

A Coal World

One of the biggest factors that individuals face today is Around the world. The definition of global warming is exactly how this might sound. The trends that the community are going through today by simply sending air pollution into the globe's atmosphere and tearing over the ozone part causes global warming. When the ozone layer becomes weaker this enables the rays of the sun for being more powerful which causes the temperature ranges to rise over the globe. If the global temperatures continues to surge the earth's population will need to endure and face temps that are incredibly unhealthy. Along with unsafe temperatures the earth would have to endure glaciers and ice bergs to dissolve which might cause a radical rise in the ocean level. When ever ice bergs break off an into the ocean sometimes every it will do is cause a rise in the sea level, nonetheless it can also cause other things just like tropical hard storms. A rise in sea level also ends in more clouds which science tecnistions believe it may cause a safeguard and keep all of the heat captured in the globe which will make temperature ranges rise much more. Other experts believe that a shield can keep the sun sun rays out causing an " ice age” effect. No matter which of these theories that are authentic would be very detrimental to the earth. One of the biggest factors that play a role in global warming is a continuous creation of coals in America. Produce coal it could take several. 5 million pounds of explosive a day to be blasted on the hills. These blasts alone release so many toxins and harmful toxins in the air the citizenry breathes. In Chicago there exists a coal stock that is thought to kill 40 people a year due to the poisons that are produced up and in water in that community. In these certain county's there are numerous of fatalities that are related to these fossil fuel factories as well as the way that they operate. The number or people who have asthma, miscarriages, and cancer are well above the average price in Chi town....