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 OCD Focus on Symptoms List Essay

ocd focus on symptom list: long-term goals

name ___________________ _______________________ time ____________

primary symptom: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In Getting Control pp. 84-8, Lee Baier suggests working away at only one key symptom simultaneously. Choose a sign that isn't too difficult but which, when tackled, is likely to produce apparent benefits everday life. If possible begin with a " principal” indicator that is a compulsion rather than a great obsession. Try to choose a cleaning compulsion first. Otherwise decide on a checking compulsion or a compulsion that causes one to avoid things you fear. When you are able, leave counting compulsions and compulsive slowing, or superstitious, violent or perhaps sexual obsessions till a bit later once you've gained more experience of these strategies.

most important things you do an excessive amount of or steer clear of because of this trouble:

1 . __________________________________________________________________

2 . __________________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________________

5. __________________________________________________________________

change to long term goals you need to accomplish by the end of treatment:

1 . __________________________________________________ suds score _____

installment payments on your __________________________________________________ suds rating _____

3. __________________________________________________ suds score _____

four. __________________________________________________ suds rating _____

5. __________________________________________________ suds ranking _____

The moment converting concerns to desired goals, it's often useful to ask others what they think is " reasonable behaviour”. Once you have a couple of such estimates, you can common them to collection...