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 Mediation Worksheet Research Conventional paper

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Appendix A

Relaxation Worksheet

Directions: Locate two resources within the Internet that explain yoga techniques.

• Your name of every website in the matrix, after that copy and paste the net address. • After reviewing the website, give a brief summary for each source. • Below your brief summary, list two interesting information you learned from every site. • Try the techniques you located in your Internet search. Supply a brief explanation of so what happened in your knowledge.

When you are finished filling out the matrix, response the two inquiries below.

|Information |Website you |Website a couple of | |Website name and |Mayo Medical clinic: Stress Management |MindBodyGreen: Meditation Techniques for Beginners | |address (URL): | |Demonstrated by Deepak Chopra | |Summary with the |Meditation is known as a technique that is practiced pertaining to |This internet site discusses what stages your system goes through| |resource: |many years to aid with a person's emotional and overall |during meditation. In addition, it describes tips on how to meditate. | | |well-being. There is not needed training to |Deepak reveals two several simple approaches to meditate. 1 | | |meditate. Relaxation is mostly employ as a rest |method is always to heal the other is around the law of | | |technique and stress decrease. |attraction. | |Two interesting |Medication can be done in any circumstance or surrounding. |Meditation is usually not done to clear your brain, it is completed | |facts: | |get in touch with the mind....