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You are working for a healthcare provider's office, in addition to just taken C. Queen., 38-year-old ladies into the appointment room. C. Q. have been divorced intended for 5 years, has two daughters (ages 14 and 16), and works full-time as a legal secretary. She's here for a routine physical examination and requested that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test performed. C. Q. stated that she is currently in a relationship, is contemplating marriage, and just wants to make certain she is " okay”. Zero abnormalities had been noted on chemistries and hematology research. The doctor requests you perform a rapid HIV test, which is a great antibody evaluation. Within twenty minutes, the results are offered and are confident. 1 .

Does a positive rapid HIV test out mean that C. Q. absolutely has HIV? If it is adverse, does it indicate she absolutely doesn't have HIV?

There are 3 types of results a person probably will receive coming from a Rapid HIV test. A Non-reactive or Negative Effect means that the test did not identify any HIV antibodies. Yet , this does not imply that a person is immune to HIV. It can take about three months in the time of likely exposure pertaining to the body to develop the antibodies to HIV. An Unacceptable Result: � does not apply to this case study, but it means this the fact that HIV evaluation cannot be construed. An unacceptable test result means there was clearly a problem jogging the test, both related to quality device or perhaps the specimen. In cases like this, another evaluation would be given. People are forget about likely to be given a reactive or non-reactive derive from an incorrect one. A Reactive or perhaps Preliminary Confident Result means HIV antibodies were recognized in her body. Therefore a confirmatory test such as the Western bare will be directed at eliminate the chance of a false positive result. The Western mark is the most common test used to confirm results from a great ELISA or perhaps rapid HIV test. It is advantage is that it is more unlikely to give a false-positive consequence because it can easily more effectively separate HIV antibodies from other antibodies. 2 .

What counseling do you need to provide to C. Q.?

C. Queen needs a lot of teaching and counseling before you go home. The girl should be taught about antiretroviral therapy. Including the dangers of not sticking with therapeutic routines, how then when to take every single medication , medication interactions to stop, and side effects that need to be reported to the main care service provider immediately. She could need instruction about retaining a healthy immune system and protecting against transmission of the disease with her family, and sexual associates. She needs to be taught to identify clinical manifestations that should be reported to her clinician, which includes symptoms of improving disease, medication reactions, and life-threatening opportunistic diseases. C. Q should be encouraged to promote self-care, rendering physical proper care as necessary, making additional testimonials for community resources since needed, dealing with spirituality concerns, and helping family members and friends manage her health issues. Case Study Progress

The medical doctor informs you that C. Q. is actually western blot test outcomes confirm that the girl with HIV positive; he demands that you be there when he foretells her. Prior to leaving C. Q. is actually room the physician demand that you give C. Queen verbal and written information about local HIV support groups that help C. Queen. call a pal to come with her home this evening. The girl looks at you through her tears and states, " I aren't believe it. J. may be the only guy I've acquired sex with since my own divorce. He told me I had developed nothing to worry about. I cannot believe he would do this to me”.

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C. Q. 's affirmation is based on three assumptions (1) J. can be HIV great; (2) this individual intentionally withheld he details from her; and (3) he deliberately transmitted the HIV with her through unprotected sex. Depending on your knowledge of HIV infection, how will you counsel C. Q.? In this scenario it will be easy that C. Q. is actually partner could have been infected and never knows about it. There is also a...