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 Brand Devotion in Pakistani Automobile Groups Essay

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MAY 2012



THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COMPANY TRUST, CLIENT SATISFACTION AND CUSTOMER LOYALTY. (EVIDENCE FROM VEHICLE SECTOR OF PAKISTAN) Talat Mahmood Kiyani (Corresponding Author) Assistant Mentor Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad, Pakistan Mohammad Raza Ullah Khan Niazi Helper Professor Section of Managing Sciences, COMSATS Institute info Technology Islamabad, Pakistan Riffat Abbas Rizvi Lecturer Department of Managing Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad, Pakistan Imran khan Lecturer Department of Management Savoir, COMSATS Start of Information Technology Islamabad, Pakistan

ABSTRACT The study is based on a sample of car users in twin metropolitan areas of Pakistan. The outcomes reveal that both the self-employed variables customer satisfaction and company trust possess a significant positive impact on consumer loyalty. Nevertheless customer satisfaction is the most important aspects of client loyalty beside other factors in car sector of Pakistan. Therefore companies must focus on a far more comprehensive procedure towards romance marketing that features customer satisfaction, that may result in retaining current customers and era of confident word of mouth. The purpose of the present analyze is to examine the effect of brand trust and customer satisfaction on customer dedication. Data had been collected through self-administered REPLICATE RIGHT В© 2012 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research


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MAY 2012



customer survey from 131 customers via twin metropolis (Islamabad/Rawalpindi) of Pakistan. Results from the review showed that the relationship between brand trust and client loyalty is usually positive and also there is a great relationship between customer satisfaction and customer devotion. This research aims to evaluation the relationship which has never been explored before.

KEYWORDS: Attitudinal Loyalty, Behavioral loyalty, Marriage Marketing, Company Trust, Client satisfaction.


Brand loyalty continues to be an important exploration topic among marketing research workers since it was initially identified. This concept has fascinated the restored attention recently due to breakthrough of romance marketing which will emphasizes building long term associations between consumers and companies. Facing intense competition and limited solutions marketers include shifted their focus coming from acquiring new customers to keeping existing customers. As a result manufacturer loyalty is just about the core of brand customer associations. A demanding question facing today's brand managers can be how to understand the appropriate romance between constructs of brand value and client loyalty, particularly in relation to numerous known antecedents to brand loyalty in marketing literary works (Taylor ain al. 2004). This paper aims to assess the relationship between known antecedents to client loyalty and brand fairness in vehicle sector of Pakistan. This study constitutes a significant contribution to existing knowledge simply by assessing the relationships between customer satisfaction, brand trust, and perception of customer devotion using regression analysis. Identical studies had been conducted in western countries in various commercial and consumer settings but since to our knowledge, no such analyze has been conducted in Pakistan. Present study is split up into various parts. First, to explore the assumptive context, second of all to identify various hypotheses based on the theoretical foundation of advertising branding materials. Study will also attempt to empirically validate our research version and its conclusions. This research has value in the sense that, as to each of our knowledge, simply no such study has been carried out in the framework of Pakistaner market....