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 Bias and Corruption inside the Media Essay

Bias and Corruption inside the Media

Maurice Darbey Sr.


May well 20, 2012

Seitu Stephens

Have you have you ever been watching this news and believed you were not being given all the details inside the story? Or as if the reporter was deliberately revealing in a particular manner to stir up controversy? In the event that so , do not think you are the merely one who feels this way. Through the years many people have accused the modern media of experiencing bias inside their reporting. Certain news systems have seemed to have some kind of hidden goal; therefore , they will express their very own views, or perhaps the views of their network through their confirming. This type of confirming has become more prevalent with the progression of the Internet and social media sites. People have immediate access to all types of information within the Internet twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. When the media liberating information to the world without delivering all the facts, the parties involved in the story may be subjected to unjust criticism and bias decision. An example of this can be seen in the recent reports with the Trayvon Martin killing. The shooting of Trayvon Matn, has revealed the problem and invisible agendas in today's news reporting. The capturing of Trayvon Martin offers revealed the corruption and hidden agendas in today's media reporting. It is said for a long time that there is bias in the multimedia, and specific news stations report still left or correct winged sights for their personal political schedule. Many information networks are also scrutinized intended for reporting fake or improved information to further improve their evaluations. Although it is not easy to prove or disprove their motives are harmful, one can conclude their activities to be immoral. The multimedia should not survey, nor broadcast, any account where the facts are not widespread. Breaking a story to the community before all the details are collected is impractical and wrong.

The mass media has been accused to rule out key items of information to be able to stir up controversy and debate. These kinds of...

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