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November one particular, 2012GWL Roofer Limited


GWL Roofer Limited (GWL) manufactures roofing materials, and installs and services roofing for industrial, commercial, and investment (ICI) properties. GWL's head office and sole manufacturing unit are located in eastern Quebec. In addition , GWL has circulation facilities situated throughout eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. The U. H. location properties the administrative functions of GWL's wholly-owned U. T. subsidiary, GWL Roofing U. S. Limited (GWL-US).

Gaston Laroche, who had been a roofer by transact, founded GWL in 1963. Gaston's organization philosophy was to offer his customers outstanding products in premium prices. Under Gaston's leadership, GWL grew slowly and gradually, but of course profitably. In 85, his oldest son, Daniel, succeeded Gaston, who died in 1988. Daniel Laroche widened the company by a moderate pace and profits grew steadily.

To the late1980s, GWL's products and services were sold nearly exclusively in Quebec. The business expanded it is sales base to Ontario and the Ocean Provinces in the next decade. With developing demand for usana products, GWL essential more creation capacity and 1995, it built a brand new 100, 500 square feet manufacturing facility in a small town in eastern Quebec, canada ,. GWL financed its new manufacturing facility and expansion capital needs, partly, through an initial public supplying, which was designed in 1994. GWL disposed of the old facility.

Daniel Laroche retired in 2009 great younger close friend, Pierre, succeeded him. Daniel has managed a chair on GWL's board of directors and has been acting Chair as his pension. Pierre, who earned an MBA from a prominent university inside the Midwestern Us, believed that, over the long-term, an hostile growth technique would improve shareholder value.

Under Pierre's leadership, GWL expanded for the northeastern United States in late 2010. Pierre selected this place for expansion due to the fact that the weather there was a lot like that of east Canada, and, thus, GWL's products would enjoy a organic advantage. Calcul also started out aggressively marketing GWL's products in an attempt to

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broaden you can actually target basic of customers. Subsequently, sales include continued to grow in the past few years; however , GWL has had to rely on increasing amounts of lender financing throughout the line of credit to support this growth initiative.

Products and Services

GWL companies roofing elements that are specifically designed for ICI properties. The corporation does not operate in the non commercial roofing market. When an ICI property customer requires a fresh roof, it gives you GWL while using specifications due to its property, including physical dimensions, and the nature of the activity conducted in the property (distribution, manufacturing, government, etc . ). Based on a session with a GWL sales rep, the appropriate kind of roofing materials is selected from GWL's product collection, which offers different grades of products in terms of durability (density) and composition (type of material, flexibility, heat level of resistance, etc . ). GWL personnel then set up the roof on the customer's property. Installation normally takes place throughout April through October. GWL also sells its roofing materials to independent roof companies which may have their own team of installers.

GWL provides a sophisticated r and d laboratory at its manufacturing facility wherever it consistently tests different materials and styles to improve its products. Through their R& G efforts, management of GWL believes which it has developed the best roofing materials available for ICI...

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