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 14 modification Essay


In school, as well as through our daily lives, we find out in America to have by the concept of freedom and equality for all. We do not let race, school, or creed to determine a person's stature in the community. It may seem as though this is the normal of world, but these concepts of equal rights have been battled over because the beginning of written background, and even in America today, prejudice still is present. To address these and difficulties, the starting fathers on this nation developed Constitution including laws that dealt with person freedoms. However great the founding fathers envisioned the usa Constitution, this did not contact form a perfect union and rights for all. America would have to revise, or help to increase, the Cosmetic in order to serve its matters better. The most powerful constitutional act to equality will come with the fourteenth amendment. This modification permanently changed constitutional legislation by strengthening the Federal government government's legal system to include community and condition governments which usually would be instructed to abide by new standards of civil legal rights and benefits. The passing of the 14th Amendment states Constitution was a significant function in the history of our nation because it made anyone delivered here individuals, established just how representatives every state gets and paid off the warfare debts for the North. On Summer 8th and 13th, 1866 the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution was passed simply by both properties of congress. The mentioned purpose of the fourteenth amendment was to give citizenship and protect and define the civil privileges of liberated slaves. In fact, the purpose of the fourteenth modification was to assure the northern states have got political and economic advantage over the southern states. Furthermore, section two of the 14th amendment allowed the north to legitimately deny the right to vote to almost every white-colored man in the south. This is done by applying...